Stats Skill Tree
Evolves From Evolves Into
Icon Easteg icon
Element Evil
Element Evil
Rarity: Icon-starIcon-starIcon-starIcon-star-emptyIcon-star-empty
Vitality: Icon-healthIcon-healthIcon-health-emptyIcon-health-emptyIcon-health-empty
Power: Icon-attackIcon-attackIcon-attack-emptyIcon-attack-emptyIcon-attack-empty
Defence: Icon-defenseIcon-defenseIcon-defense-emptyIcon-defense-emptyIcon-defense-empty
Agility: Icon-speedIcon-speedIcon-speed-emptyIcon-speed-emptyIcon-speed-empty
How to Acquire:
  • "Easter Forest" Event: Talk to the Gift box NPC to paint an egg for you with the recipe, Pattern 3 + Green + Green which is available during between the switch for limited recipes.
  • "Bulu League" Event: Talk to the Boy NPC in the front of the Arena to use your Monster Ticket to draw Eggy.

  • Eggy can evolve to Easteg when it reached Lv. 20.
  • Easteg can evolve to Cracgg when it reached Lv. 40.

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