Stats Skill Tree

Skill TreeEdit

LV Skill Name Type Power Accuracy Description
001 Ice Beam Ice 125 90 A normal attack with no special properties.
004 Spirit Surge Spirit 135 100 A normal attack with no special properties.
007 Punch Common 130 100 50% chance to reduce enemy's defense by 20%.
010 Fire Dance Fire 135 100 A normal attack with no special properties.
013 Trance Spirit 000 100 Increases user's attack and defense by 10%
017 Ice Shield Ice 000 100 Blocks 2 attacks. Reflect 25% of the damage to enemy for each block.
028 Psycho Pulse Spirit 125 100 Always strike last. Break pet's shield to ignore enemy shield.
037 Blizzard Ice 000 90 The enemy will lose 30% HP in 3 turns.
050 Icicle Crash Ice 145 090 First turn prepare. Attack next turn. 50% chance to decrease enemy's attack by 20%
063 Vaccum Blast Common 135 100 100% Critical Hit.

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