Stats Skill Tree
Evolves From Evolves Into
Raider icon Icon
Element Evil
Element Evil
Rarity: Icon-starIcon-starIcon-starIcon-starIcon-star-empty
Vitality: Icon-healthIcon-healthIcon-healthIcon-health-emptyIcon-health-empty
Power: Icon-attackIcon-attackIcon-attackIcon-attackIcon-attack-empty
Defence: Icon-defenseIcon-defenseIcon-defenseIcon-defense-emptyIcon-defense-empty
Agility: Icon-speedIcon-speedIcon-speedIcon-speedIcon-speed-empty
How to Acquire:

  • Pirate is a monster that resembles a ghost pirate. It is usually found leading a group of Raider on village raids. When it isn't raiding villages, it is usually at it's ship, looking at the loot it got from it's most recent raid.

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