Monster eggs can be obtained through various events and can be hatched to obtain a new pet.


There are several types of eggs and each type of egg corresponds to a certain category of monsters; the egg can be hatched into a random monster belonging to that category. Hatching eggs is done through a special NPC that can be found in Goldenwave City or the groud floor of the Tower of Apprentice.

New egg types are added regularly, both as regular updates and following events. For instance, after the New Year event the New Year egg was added offering another chance to obtain the limited monsters from that event.

Egg Types

Regular Eggs
Egg: Available Monsters:
Hatch monsters that live in the wild.
Egg-beast Sheepskins icon Pigz icon Boariz icon Telecatchy icon Psychicatchy icon Lambiz icon Sheepiz icon Bascat icon Bastet icon Firechilla icon Flamechilla icon Mamot icon Mammont icon Polarin icon Polarmon icon Ice Cub icon Ice Wolfie icon Firecub icon Firevix icon Evil Bear icon Evil Ted icon Red Lynx icon Fire Lynx icon Racoco icon Rathrax icon Ratherat icon Breezy icon Kimechu icon Kitapi icon Pappiz icon Pappipi icon Feebit icon Feera icon Lion Cub icon Fire Lion icon Electricow icon Electricox icon Winkey icon Pegasus icon Sheep God icon Racoona icon
Hatch monsters that are plants.
Egg-plant Minitoise icon Tortoise icon Onini icon Omurai icon Wiz Kid icon Wiztard icon Cacti icon Ferocactus icon Dandee icon Mushroom icon Shroomurai icon Terrock icon Terrocannon icon
Hatch monsters that are inorganic.
Egg-soul Purin icon Purina icon Puppiti icon Puppeto icon Terra icon Terroza icon Sandbolt icon Sandrift icon Lanvil icon Lanternvil icon Bookvil icon Starmite icon Gemite icon Jomonza icon Telemid icon Psymid icon Snowman icon Fireball icon Firechild icon Larock icon Volrock icon Cuffvil icon Evil Cuff icon Ghost icon Prisoner icon Thoud icon Flakie icon SnowFlake icon Terrock icon Terrocannon icon Cyclony icon Cyclone icon SnowOrc icon Thoudie icon
Hatch monsters that can fly.
Egg-wing Firechick icon Peafire icon Bitterpillar icon Chickz icon Chickiz icon Colbat icon Fulbat icon Bumbleboo icon Bumblebee icon Flybee icon Honeybee icon Snowie icon Filwy icon Horus Eye icon Eye of Ra icon Winnee icon Swifty icon Swifter icon Breezy icon Owlanto icon Owlantir icon Kimechu icon Kitapi icon Cuppi icon Feebit icon Feera icon Lion Cub icon Fire Lion icon Winkey icon Pegasus icon Breeznii icon
Special Eggs
Egg: Available Monsters:
Hatch Christmas special monsters.
Egg-christmas Sheepskins christmas icon Wiz Kid christmas icon Wiztard christmas icon Penguin christmas icon Pengy christmas icon Snowie christmas icon Ice Cub christmas icon Ice Wolfie christmas icon Snowman christmas icon Sheep God christmas icon SnowOrc christmas icon
Hatch Halloween special monsters.
Egg-halloween Colbat halloween icon Fulbat halloween icon Lanvil halloween icon Lanternvil halloween icon Spidervil halloween icon Bookvil halloween icon Bandit halloween icon Raider halloween icon Pirate halloween icon Ghost halloween icon Prisoner halloween icon Pumpkin icon Pumpwitch icon
New Year
Hatch New Year special monsters.
Egg-new year Cobra new year icon Vabra new year icon Lambiz new year icon Sheepiz new year icon Estregot new year icon Escargot new year icon Electricow new year icon Electricox new year icon Winkey new year icon Pegasus new year icon Lunar Cub new year icon Lunar Lion new year icon