Before Minnie rests in peace, it will give a letter to attend a party in Luciender. Upon arriving at Luciender, you will see a stage performance, a bulu monster named Jaw with his trainer Bob. But when Jaw fails to do his trick, Bob punishes him and you stop it. Bob invites you to fight him at the courtyard, but you defeat him. After that, you see a shadow that heals Jaw's scars, and you decide to follow it. Wind type monsters are to be seen here, including Vingon, the fourth dragon type monster.


  • Lambiz icon No.055 Lambiz
  • Filwy icon No.119 Filwy
  • Winnee icon No.141 Winnee
  • Sweetfly icon No.142 Sweetfly
  • Vingon icon No.144 Vingon
  • Owlanto icon No.160 Owlanto