Luna and her pet Orli ask you to assist her on her journey home. After you get her home safely, you try to buy a potion for Rania from Shannon, but she seems possesed. You see the shadow, but it disappears. Evil Shannon tempts you to sell Rania to her for 50,000,000 bulu points, but you refuse. Shannon escapes to a whirlpool and you must follow her to Easten End. Hatucia is where you will find Thunderlight, the fifth and last dragon type monster you will be able to catch.

Appearence: Hatucia appears to be a fishing town with houses and boardwalks on stilts. It is also worth mentioning that it is all on water. There are palm trees in the place, possibly implying that it is in a very tropical location, there appears to be a lot of fish shops, which ties into the "Fishing Town" theme. 


  • Spidervil. Evil Type
  • Snowie. Ice\Wind Type
  • Horus Eye. Spirit Type
  • Feebit. Wind Type
  • Colbat. Evil type.
  • Thunderlight. Dragon Type