Location-calidae desert

Following the storyline, here you must find the flower that is needed to make the potion for Rania to make her feel better. Here you can find desert-themed monsters like the rare monster Telemid.

Wild MonstersEdit

  • Scropiz icon No.037 Scropiz
  • Scropionz icon No.038 Scropionz
  • Sandbolt icon No.039 Sandbolt
  • Sandrizat icon No.040 Sandrizat
  • Cacti icon No.069 Cacti
  • Cactupus icon No.070 Cactupus
  • Bascat icon No.073 Bascat
  • Bastet icon No.074 Bastet
  • Viper icon No.075 Viper
  • Bilava icon No.076 Bilava
  • Jomonza icon No.079 Jomonza
  • Telemid icon No.082 Telemid