• Ultimate Reza

    Alo Bulu Fans, Now i’m Gonna share about Guide and Tips for Beginner or Newbie Trainer.

    After completing Tutorial, You can asking Rania in Sleepy Forest to Begin the Story Line Quest. In Sleepy Forest, you can Capture Puurin cause Puurin have a Good Defense. But if you tame a Common Monster, Remember ! so many element that Advantage to Common Monster.

    In Bulu Monster, There are Many Rarity Monster :

    1 Star  = Common Monster

    2 Stars = Uncommon Monster

    3 Stars = Rare Monster

    4 Stars = High Rare Monster

    5 Stars = Super Rare Monster

    6 Stars = Ultra Rare Monster

    And Monster that can be found in Legendary Cup, it’s a Legend Monster.

    Many Beginner ask to My friend and Me. What the Best Monster for “ Newbie “ Squad  ?

    I will tell you about it :

    1. Bittercoon

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