"God Temple"
God Temple wallpaper
Defeat Trainers and get the Amulets! Use them to trade items!
Lucky Draw
Start date:

March 11, 2014

End date:

March 31, 2014

Previous event: "Valentine's Cake Island" Event
Next Event: "Easter Forest"
Item Earned

God TempleEdit

God Temple is a time-limited map which is located in the Event Area(close to the farm). This map enables all players to collect amulets by defeating the Monks of the temple! The player gives 7 Amulets to the Gift Box NPC to trade and have a chance to get a rare item! But before you could enter the temple, you would need to pay 3 milks which would regenerate by 1 every 30 minutes or you could buy it for 30 Bulu-points each.

Event SummaryEdit

"God Temple" event rules


Picture Names No. Amulets Given No. Amulets Given (Luckiest Day)
Monk 1 Monk Ralo 1 1
Monk 1 Monk Agro 1 1
Monk 2 Monk Jari 1 1
Monk 2 Monk Elax 1 1
Monk 3 Monk Keon 2 3
Monk 3 Monk Nero 2 3
Monk 4 Monk Liri 6 11

Trainer's MonstersEdit

Trainer Monsters Level
Monk 1 Fruikis Lv.103
Rushcorn Lv.88
Monk 1 Rushcorn Lv.93
Fruikis Lv.92
Monk 2 Fairwind Lv.109
Fruikis Lv.108
Monk 2 Fruikis Lv.111
Fairwind Lv.110
Monk 3 Tiggris Lv.117
Tiggris Lv.115
Gaia ell Lv.115
Monk 3 Gaia ell Lv.118
Tiggris Lv.118
Tiggris Lv.113
Monk 4 Gaia ell Lv.155
Gaia ell Lv.155
Tiggris Lv.155
Ganesh Lv.152

  • Please take note, that the levels of the monsters appearing in this limited map is based on the levels and health of your monsters, the levels showed above is based on full party of level 100 monsters.

Limited Lucky Draw!Edit

"God Temple" lucky draw banner
Available for the entire event
Reward - Elecphant Reward - Tiggy Reward - Mud ell
Mud ell
Reward - Fruity Reward - Dashcorn Reward - Fairin
Reward - Dragon capture ball Reward - Box of elemental capture ball Reward - Ice cream
Dragon Capture Ball
Box of Elemental Capture Ball
Ice Cream(5000Exp)
Amulet Reward - Milk Reward - Bulu Points
Bulu Points
Reward - Beast egg Reward - Ocean egg Reward - Soul egg
Beast Egg
Ocean Egg
Soul Egg
Reward - Wing egg Reward - Plant egg Reward - Memory Feather
Wing Egg
Plant Egg
Memory Feather
Reward - Potion Reward - Lolipop