"Easter Forest"
"Easter Forest" event wallpaper
Defeat Easter rabbit and Trainers to get eggs and dyes. Use them to paint Easter Egg for surprising reward!
Start date:

April 1, 2014

End date:

April 23, 2014

Previous event: "God Temple"
Next Event: "Bulu League"
Item Earned

Easter ForestEdit

Easter Forest is a time-limited event location that can be found next to the Farm on the travel map. Currently the event is scheduled to last from 01 April 2014 through 23 April 23.

In order to be allowed inside players must give a number of Carrots - these regenerate at a rate of 1 Carrot per 30 minutes. This map enables all players to collect eggs and different colors of dye by defeating the Easter Rabbits and Trainers! Eggs, carrots, and dyes can also be bought for Bulu-points, the prices are as follows:

Easter-egg-plain Easter-carrot Dye-red Dye-yellow Dye-green Dye-blue
5 Bulu-points 30 Bulu-points 100 Bulu-points 60 Bulu-points 450 Bulu-points 250 Bulu-points

Painting the eggs is done by the Gift Box NPC and each egg provides a reward based on the colors and design used to paint the egg. Recipes provide fixed rewards (up to varying quantities for items) and are changed every Monday for the duration of the event. Rewards can include capture balls, sweets, eggs, or monsters (both in their normal and unique variants).

Event SummaryEdit

"Easter Forest" event rules


Picture Names Colors of Dye Given
"Easter Forest" NPC2 Geir Yellow and Red
"Easter Forest" NPC1 Lika Yellow and Red
"Easter Forest" NPC5 Shalira Red and Blue
"Easter Forest" NPC4 Mari Yellow and Blue
"Easter Forest" NPC3 Jaana Yellow and Green

Easter RabbitsEdit

Picture Monster No. Of Eggs Given
Feebit easter icon Mutated Feebit 1
Feebit easter icon Mutated Feebit 1
Feera easter icon Mutated Feera 1-2

Trainer's MonstersEdit

Trainer and Color of Dye Given Monsters Level
"Easter Forest" NPC2

Yellow Dye

Sweerior Lv.105
Easteddy Lv.103
Mutated Feera Lv.105
Easteddy Lv.105
Mutated Snowtoise Lv.104
"Easter Forest" NPC2

Red Dye

Mutated Feera Lv.101
Mutated Cuppi Lv.110
Easteddy Lv.101
Mutated Feera Lv.101
Preenie Lv.109
"Easter Forest" NPC1

Yellow Dye

Easteddy Lv.100
Mutated Preenie Lv.100
Mutated Feera Lv.102
Mutated Preenie Lv.100
Easteddy Lv.98
"Easter Forest" NPC1

Red Dye

Mutated Cuppi Lv.101
Preenie Lv.109
Mutated Snowtoise Lv.109
Preenie Lv.101
Mutated Cuppi Lv.101
"Easter Forest" NPC5

Red Dye

Preenie Lv.102
Mutated Cuppi Lv.104
Sea Dragk Lv.109
Preenie Lv.102
Mutated Cuppi Lv.103
"Easter Forest" NPC5

Blue Dye

Sea Dragk Lv.124
Mutated Feera Lv.124
Snowtoise Lv.130
Aquanite Lv.131
Sea Dragk Lv.131
"Easter Forest" NPC4

Yellow Dye

Sweerior Lv.098
Sea Dragk Lv.105
Mutated Snowtoise Lv.104
Mutated Snowtoise Lv.096
Mutated Preenie Lv.096
"Easter Forest" NPC4

Blue Dye

Sea Dragk Lv.120
Snowtoise Lv.124
Sweerior Lv.116
Aquanite Lv.120
Snowtoise Lv.118
"Easter Forest" NPC3

Yellow Dye

Mutated Preenie Lv.101
Cracgg Lv.097
Mutated Snowtoise Lv.096
Sweerior Lv.101
Easteddy Lv.105
"Easter Forest" NPC3

Reward - Green Dye

Vedragon Lv.166
Charmezai Lv.160
Megasaur Lv.156
Charmezai Lv.160
Cracgg Lv.166
  • Please take note, that the levels of the monsters appearing in this limited map is based on the levels of your monsters, the levels shown above are based on a full party of level 100 monsters.

Egg PaintingEdit

"Easter Forest" event banner

Limited time Lucky Draw Item:Edit

April 4-6
Reward - Waterdrak Reward - Halloween egg
Halloween Egg
April 11-13
Reward - Soul egg Reward - Dragon capture ball Reward - Christmas egg
Soul Egg
Dragon Capture Ball
Christmas Egg
April 18-20
Reward - Ice cream Reward - New year egg
Ice Cream(5000Exp)
New Year Egg

Other Reward of Easter Egg:Edit

Available for the entire event
125px Reward - Crackddy Reward - Easter Snowtle
Mutated Cuppi
Mutated Snowtle
Reward - Eggy Reward - Sweeldier Reward - Easter Preenie
Mutated Preenie
Reward - Easter Feebit Reward - Fire capture ball Reward - Water capture ball
Mutated Feebit
Fire Capture Ball
Water Capture Ball
Reward - Wind capture ball Reward - Earth capture ball Reward - Spirit capture ball
Wind Capture Ball
Earth Capture Ball
Spirit Ball
Reward - Evil capture ball Reward - Lightning capture ball Reward - Ice capture ball
Evil Capture Ball
Lightning Capture Ball
Ice Capture Ball
Reward - Common capture ball Reward - Box of elemental capture ball Red Dye
Common Capture Ball
Box of Elemental Capture Ball
Red Dye
Yellow Dye Blue Dye Reward - Beast egg
Yellow Dye
Blue Dye
Beast Egg
Reward - Ocean egg Reward - Wing egg Reward - Plant egg
Ocean Egg
Wing Egg
Plant Egg
Reward - Lolipop Reward - Candy

Egg RecipesEdit

There are 4 egg designs and 4 colors, of which 2 are used in painting. This gives 64 total combinations (since selection is independent). The rewards associated with each recipe change every Monday and Thursday. Below are the currently available recipes:

Dyes Patterns
1 2 3 4
Dye-red Dye-red Ball-earth Dye-red Feebit icon Dye-red
Dye-red Dye-yellow Ball-common Dye-yellow Preenie icon Sweets-candy
Dye-red Dye-green Ball-water Egg-wing Preenie easter icon Sweets-lolipop
Dye-red Dye-blue Ball-evil Dye-red Dye-red Dye-yellow
Dye-yellow Dye-red Ball-lightning Dye-red Dye-red Dye-red
Dye-yellow Dye-yellow Ball-common Dye-yellow Cuppi icon Sweets-candy
Dye-yellow Dye-green Ball-spirit Egg-plant Dye-blue Sweets-lolipop
Dye-yellow Dye-blue Ball-fire Dye-yellow Snowtle icon Dye-red
Dye-green Dye-red Ball-fire Egg-wing Sweeldier icon Sweets-lolipop
Dye-green Dye-yellow Ball-evil Dye-yellow Snowtle easter icon Dye-red
Dye-green Dye-green Ball-elemental-box Egg-beast Eggy icon Sweets-lolipop
Dye-green Dye-blue Ball-water Dye-blue Dye-blue Sweets-lolipop
Dye-blue Dye-red Ball-lightning Dye-red Cuppi easter icon Sweets-candy
Dye-blue Dye-yellow Ball-spirit Dye-yellow Dye-red Dye-blue
Dye-blue Dye-green Ball-earth Egg-ocean Feebit easter icon Sweets-lolipop
Dye-blue Dye-blue Ball-ice Egg-plant Crackddy icon Sweets-lolipop