"Challenge the 100-level Trainers!"
Challenge the level-100 trainers event banner
Finish the game? Try to beat the Lv-100 trainers!
Everyplay Event
Start date:


End date:

October 15, 2013

Previous event: "1st Time Upload Video on EVERYPLAY!" event
Next Event: "Halloween Land" event

Each Players defeat all Lv-100 trainers! All trainer will get 25 Free Bulu Points

The more players challenge and defeat Lv-100 trainers, the more rewards for all players!

Trainer's MonstersEdit

Trainer Monsters Level
100px Escargot Lv.100
Terrocannon Lv.100
Megatle Lv.100
Terroza Lv.100
Charmezai Lv.100
Megasaur Lv.100
100px Sweetfly Lv.100
Swifteagle Lv.100
Pegasus Lv.100
Quacky Lv.100
Kitapi Lv.100
Vedragon Lv.100
100px Flamechilla Lv.100
Volrock Lv.100
Bilava Lv.100
Firevix Lv.100
Fire Lion Lv.100
Lavagon Lv.100
100px Stingrayz Lv.100
Squidoo Lv.100
Hermisa Lv.100
Hammera Lv.100
Crabeen Lv.100
Aquanite Lv.100
100px Eye of Ra Lv.100
Squidoo Lv.100
Megatoise Lv.100
Pirate Lv.100
Warrior Lv.100
Thundrestorm Lv.100