"Bulu League"
"Bulu League" event wallpaper
Defeat Trainers in the Bulu League to get Points to level your Division and get rewards!
Arena Event

Bulu LeagueEdit

Bulu League is an everyday event location that can be found next to the Farm on the travel map.

In order to get inside to fight players, players must give 3 Common Capture Ball to enter the Regular Tournament. This zone enables all players to collect monster tickets (Gold), Item tickets (Silver) and points to level your Division by defeating Trainers! Item tickets can also be bought for 200Bulu-points each to able to try your luck in the event's lucky draw! By getting specific points you can go to the Legendary Arena next to the Regular Tournament.


Welcome to the Arena Tournaments!

[About the Tournament]

During the Events, you can battle in tournaments in order to accumulate event battle points. High placement in the tournaments to get more battle points.

[Rankings] Overall Ranking The overall ranking is based on the total battle points accumulated during the event period. At the end of the event period, the ranking will be fixed and the rewards will be awarded.

If in the case that there are multiple trainer with identical points, the trainer who had reached the point faster will be ranked higher.

[Rewards] Placement Rewards The placement rewards are rewards awarded based on the placement during battle.

Overall Ranking Rewards The overall ranking rewards are the rewards for the ranking of points accumulated over the whole period of the event! Unlike the other rewards, the points will not reset until the event end.

Placement RewardEdit

Place Score Item Rewards
1st 35pt Candy x24

Common capture ball x3 Silver Lucky Ticket x1

2nd 20pt Candy x12

Common capture ball x2

3rd 10pt Candy x8

Common capture ball x1

4th 8pt Candy x6

Common capture ball x1

5th 3pt Candy x3
6th 2pt Candy x2
7th 1pt Candy x1
8th 1pt Candy x1

Battle Points RewardEdit


Division Reward
Newcomer I
Newcomer II
Newcomer III
Newcomer IV
Newcomer V

Legendary Cup EditionsEdit

Legendary Cup Editions
Legendary Arena wallpaper Mythic Legendary Arena wallpaper Glacial Legendary Arena wallpaper Psycho
Mythic Edition
Glacial Edition
Psycho Edition
Legendary Arena wallpaper Darken Arena Legend wallpaper Mythic 02 Arena Legend wallpaper Spirit 02
Darken Edition
Sharky Edition
Telek Edition
Arena Legend wallpaper Common Arena Legend wallpaper Fire Legendary Arena wallpaper Basic
Chubby Edition
Ganesh Edition
???? Edition

How to Enter in the Legendary CupEdit

  • Go to the Arena and go to the Battle section.
  • To the right, you can see an arrow that would lead you towards the front of an Empress-like Girl NPC.
  • Tap 'Talk' to see the Legendary Cup menu, then tap join (To be able to join in the Legendary Cup you need at least one Common Capture Ball to enter). Another requirement for the Legendary Cup is the accumulated points from the Regular Arena (With the Knight NPC).
  • Take note, that Legendary Cup Editions have specific releases of time when they start and there aren't one everytime.
1st Match 2nd Match 3rd Match
105 Pts 140 Pts 175 Pts
1st Match 2nd Match 3rd Match
40 Pts 80 Pts 100 Pts

  • Please do take note that sometimes the accumulated points change. For example, the "Legendary Cup: Telek Edition" requires you to acquire 40 Pts which you need to acquire less Pts to join compare to other Legendary Cups.
  • Also, sometimes there's some requirements for the elements of monsters that joins the Legendary Cup such as the Legendary Cup for both Psycho and Darken Edition which Psycho Edition requires you to use Spirit element monsters while Darken requires Evil element monsters.

Arena LuckyDraw00

Arena LuckyDraw01

A new Limited Monster is available now!Edit

Reward - Telekent

Limited Monster: Sharky - Dragon


Max Icon-health: 437
Max Icon-attack: 317
Max Icon-defense: 233
Max Icon-speed: 177

Skill: "Spirit Shroud", First Strike. Block 4 attacks. Increase enemy's attack, defense and speed by 20%

Available until: ~July 31st, 2015


Limited Monsters
Pic Name Available in Pic Name Available in
Reward - Ardio Ardio 9/6/14~12/6/14 Reward - Glacic Glacic 16/6/14~19/6/14
Reward - Psychos Psychos 23/6/14~26/6/14 Reward - Darkery Darkery 16/6/14~19/6/14
Reward - Ardio Ardio 30/7/14~2/7/14 Reward - Glacic Glacic 7/7/14~10/7/14
Reward - Psychos Psychos 14/7/14~17/7/14 Reward - Darkery Darkery 14/7/14~17/7/14
Reward - Sharky Sharky 21/7/14~24/7/14 Reward - Telekent Telekent 28/7/14~31/7/14

List of SR Rewards
Pic Name Pic Name
Reward - Mutated Telecatchy Mutated Telecatchy Reward - Mutated Telefishy Mutated Telefishy
Reward - Mutated Rocky Mutated Rocky Reward - Mutated Vingon Mutated Firegon
Reward - Mutated Vingon Mutated Vingon Reward - Elecphant Elecphant
Reward - Mutated Ghost Mutated Ghost Reward - Mutated Snowman Mutated Snowman
List of HR Rewards
Pic Name Pic Name
Reward - Waterdrak Waterdrak Reward - Tiggy Tiggy
Reward - Mutated LionCub Mutated LionCub Reward - Mutated Winkey Mutated Winkey
Reward - Mutated Bandit Mutated Bandit Reward - Xmas WizKid Xmas WizKid
Reward - NewYear Cobra NewYear Cobra Reward - NewYear Winkey New Year Winkey
List of R Rewards
Pic Name Pic Name
Reward - Pumpkin Pumpkin Reward - Trickiz Trickiz
Reward - Troubiz Troubiz Reward - Mud ell Mud ell
Reward - Fairin Fairin Reward - Eggy Eggy
Reward - Easter Feebit Easter Feebit Reward - Valentine Bitterpillar Valentine Bitterpillar
Reward - Xmas Sheepkins Xmas Sheepkins Reward - Mutated Pengy Mutated Pengy
Reward - Xmas Pengy Xmas Pengy Reward - Lunar Cub Lunar Cub
Reward - Mutated Terrock Mutated Terrock Reward - Crabee Mutated Crabee
Reward - Mutated Angeliz Mutated Angeliz Reward - Mutated Pappiz Mutated Pappiz
Reward - Mutated Bonevil Mutated Bonevil Reward - Mutated Colbat Mutated Colbat
Reward - Valentine Jomonza Valentine Jomonza Monster Book Common BG -
List of UC Rewards
Pic Name Pic Name
Reward - Dashcorn Dashcorn Reward - Fruity Fruity
Reward - Crackddy Crackddy Reward - Sweeldier Sweeldier
Reward - Chocomin Chocomin Reward - Rosamin Rosamin
Reward - Mutated Bookvil Mutated Bookvil Reward - Mutated Lanvil Mutated Lanvil
Reward - Mutated Spidervil Mutated Spidervil Reward - Xmas Ice Cub Xmas Ice Cub
Reward - Xmas Snowie Xmas Snowie Reward - NewYear Estregot NewYear Estregot
Reward - NewYear Lambiz NewYear Lambiz Reward - NewYear Electricow NewYear Electricow
Reward - Valentine Racoco Valentine Racoco Reward - Valentine Winnee Valentine Winnee
Reward - Easter Snowtle Easter Snowtle Reward - Easter Preenie Easter Preenie
Reward - Easter Cuppi Easter Cuppi Monster Book Common BG -

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